Shop machine cover

Made this quick CNC machine cover for Jeff's shop machine, trying to keep it clean with all the dust from woodworking. He chose the fabric and wanted it to merely layover it and cover much but not all........he's happy that's what counts!!

Enjoy Scotty!!! (aka Jeff Weston)


Country Landscape Quilt

Finally getting back to this project, I laid it out several years ago. But bringing it back to life now......lots and lots of work still to be completed here, but it does feel good to bring it back!!


Happy Halloweenie


Roast in the slow cooker ✅
Cleaned up kitchen ✅
Ready and on to work ✅
Thinking about Scotty✅
Planning a project to begin ✅
Healthy living✅


White Gum Wool

Received my sample card of White Gum Wool (Australia), I plan on buying a few key skeins to use as surface design for a special project I am planning...

This is beautiful wool, very high quality!!


Contributing blog post


So I had a complete change of heart in terms of the design concept for the chairs I am re-upholstering.

My new design will invoke fabric and leather covering with lots of decorative nail heads. Working it through right now. Pictures to follow.....